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4-24-12 + Drawing, by Guy Farley April 25, 2012

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4-24-12 + Drawing, by Guy Farley.


Juju Seeds – The Tree of Life April 20, 2009

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“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”  “Every action and feeling is preceded by a thought.” (from As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen, pub. 1902). What we think we are is who we grow up to be.  JuJu denotes Power.  I believe that we are ALL one with an Awesome Universal Force or Source Energy, or God/Goddess, or Natural Law or Higher Consciousness or whatever you choose to call it, a connection which is so powerful that ANYTHING is possible beyond our wildest dreams!  It is possible to choose thoughts that can bring those dreams into reality and create a better life.  What is your choice?


Home Sweet Home April 10, 2009

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DSC_0798Home is usually where we’re most comfortable, most authentic, where we can be ourselves, and be unpretentious.  We can usually feel confident at home and believe that it will be available whenever we want to be there.   We should be able to recognize home as our foundation, a place of security, and a respite from the often chaotic outside world.  Our spiritual home is that place inside ourselves where our emotions reside, and should embody these same elements of ease and consolation, where we should be able to feel a sense of peace.  Many of us experience a great deal of distress and agitation.  Know that this doesn’t have to be a natural condition.  The life you want is attainable and sustainable.  Comfort, authenticity, confidence, trust, peace, security, acceptance, even happiness and so much more are all qualities and functions that are manifest when we are expressing our Higher Selves. They are part of who we are and what we are here to remember.  We may not be feeling or displaying these aspects of ourselves, but they ARE within each of us to rediscover if and when we so desire.  The first step is to acknowledge our intention to rediscover our direction; and secondly to choose to do the work that will assist in the journey back home to our true selves.  Thirdly, listen and appreciate.


strolling through life April 9, 2009

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dog gone for an evening stroll

Have you ever wondered why some of us live a life of enjoyment and others of us seem to have an experience of constant struggle? Why do you think that is? I believe life brings us precisely what we expect it to. What have you been told in life by parents, teachers, preachers, friends, co-workers, etc. that you can expect? What ideas, beliefs, etc. has your mind been filled with? What thoughts are your mind filled with? Take a moment to focus in on the many thoughts that run haywire through your head constantly. What are you thinking? What do you believe? What are your feelings? What makes you happy? Do you know? If not, why? Think about it. Seriously. Make it a practice to listen to your thoughts. If they don't bring you a feeling of contentment or peace, then why aren't you thinking something different? If your thoughts seem to bring on feelings of anxiety, then why aren't you thinking something different? Try this - when your ever-racing thoughts make you feel sad or angry or filled with fear, just change your thought pattern to something you've experienced or would like to experience that brings a sense of warmth and joy to your heart. Just try it. See what happens.


what is important to you?

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So many times we feel dissatisfied with life because we think we "don't have enough." We believe that everyone else has more and that the "grass is greener on the other side." We have a habit of comparing ourselves to others, and that "they" are better than we are for what ever reason. The main things that we consider "large" in life (money, fashion, fancy cars, etc.) are actually the small stuff and can be illusive. They can come & go. (Don't get me wrong, these things can be necessary and bring a convenience and ease to life - i have many of them myself) but it's really the things we consider to be the "little" things in life (which actually are the "big" and important things), that can make our lives so much richer, healthier, more beautiful and livable. Some examples are being kind to others, making time for our loved ones, respecting other's beliefs and agreeing to disagree (not always having to be right in a disagreement), discovering your God-given gifts and talents (we all have them and many don't even know that they exist), expressing yourself even when you believe you don't have anything to contribute (because we all do), knowing that you are worth more than you believe you are, seeing the beauty in life instead of all the devastation that the media would have you believe only exists, seeing the beauty in YOUR life instead of all the trauma, hurt and pain you believe only exist, and so much more. (what else can you think of?) So, in essence, don't sweat the stuff that we have believed (until today!, as Iyanla Vanzant would say) to be the important stuff, and begin to cultivate the stuff that we are all capable of having, doing and are qualities that we all embody (kindness, compassion, generosity, confidence, happiness, peace, contentment, acceptance, laughter, appreciation, gratitude, honesty, forgiveness, etc.) whether we're aware of them or not In fact, when we cultivate these qualities in our lives, we can have all the "so-called" big things that you desire! It's the Natural Law - the Law of the Universe. We are here to discover our true selves, the self that is authentically us, the thing(s) we do best and will bring happiness into our lives. Have you discovered (or remembered) what that is for you? If you haven't, think about it.


on being grounded

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roofless building

I bellieve that disease ("dis-ease" - not at ease, not at peace, etc.) is our bodies trying to communicate to us that there is an imbalance (too much of something and/or not enough of something else) somewhere in our lives (our emotional life, spiritual life, family life, financial life, etc.). Recently i was seeing an acupuncturist for hypertension. One of her conclusions was that i needed to be more "grounded." i wasn't certain what that meant even with her description. so while i lay on the bed with needles in my body from head to toe, i pondered "grounding." i envisioned a tree or a flower with roots planted firmly in the ground, able to withstand the rigors of their environment, standing securely and focused (probably on the sun, one of the main elements that gives life). I began to think about what might make that tree or plant flimsy, weak, unable to tolerate the natural elements it once thrived in, disintegrate. I thought about when the soil of a plant is dry from inattention or neglect, the plant responds by leaning or drooping. It will fall over, become weak, break and die. Then I tried to find the connection of the "plants" analogy with my life and the hypertension. I pondered the words "focused," "secure," "inattention," "neglect," and searched my life for a comparison. i was shocked to have to admit to myself how I spend more than average amounts of time focusing on other's (the people I know and love and want to be happy, the world, children, etc.) problems, issues or illnesses, even believing i had the solutions to how things could be so much better. I thought I had the answers to how everybody could fix their lives, and mine was broken and I didn't realize it, but the hypertention was trying to tell me that something was up. I thought my stuff was "all good", that I was "alright," yet hypertension was communicating to me that there was too much of something in my emotional life and not enough of something else. I was focusing too much of my energy on others and not enough on myself! Now when I find my thoughts drifting toward outside situations that I cannot change, #1. I remember that since I do believe that I Am ONE with All, whatever or whomever I'm thinking about is obviously serving as a "mirror" for me, so I ask myself, "what is this issue telling me about myself?"; then #2. I gently come back into my own "self " or back into my body and become "in"trospective: I breathe deeply, focusing on and oxygenating every cell, muscle, tissue, bone, etc. in my body. I then release the tension in each muscle from head to toe. I meditate and release every randon thought running through my head, or I affirm or think lovely and beautiful thoughts about present or future experiences, life and about myself. I appreciate all that I am and all that I am becoming. I realize that I cannot change others, but I CAN change myself. I'm so happy for this understanding because I'm becoming more intuitive, and I've found that focusing on me has brought several new ideas that I'm beginming to expand and share (for example including my thoughts about what I see in these photographs). Thinking about your "self" is not selfish at all, as many of us have been led to believe. Focusing inward allows us to be grounded and stable in order to develop the strength and security needed to make empowered decisions for ourselves and to assist others when we are CALLED UPON!


never give up

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Princess Minnie

Wearing a princess tiara, elaborate purse, jeans and minnie mouse ears

One of the comments for this photograph states in part, “……[this photo represents].. is the the epitome of the potential promise that life offers before we become jaded or cynical or afraid to fail.”  I agree.  We come into this world bold and full of spirit, energy, infinite possibility, not intimidated by difficulties, danger, failure, disappointment.  We know what we want, who we want, believe we’re invincible and don’t care if anyone disagrees – that is until fear, doubt, uncertainty, and other negative emotions become continuously ingrained in our psyche over the years, overwhelms us until the nature of our authentic being becomes eventually obscured or forgotten.  Many times, we grow into unsure, insecure adults.  However, that essence of limitlessness continues to exist in each and every one of us, hiding in crevices of our memories, masked and waiting to be remembered and to re-emerge .  Will you find out how to remember in your lifetime?


how are you seeing your life?

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seeing the world through clear-colored glasses

seeing the world through clear-colored glasses

If difficult situations “always seem to happen to you” or you feel bored, unhappy or dissatisfied most of the time, it may be past time for you to discover the Truth of your being.   There is more to our reality than what we can see with our physical eyes.  There is a whole world of beingness beyond our physical vision to be uncovered through our inner vision.  Would you like to take the journey within to find more than you could have ever imagined?



The Feminine Principle

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fountain on the plaza

fountain on the plaza


what is planted is what grows

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flowers in bermuda

flowers in bermuda

Beliefs are like seeds.  Whatever seed you plant, be it a chrysanthemum or a green pepper, you will harvest that which you have planted.  Likewise, whatever it is you believe is what will manifest in your life.  Beliefs (ideas) usually have been planted (programmed) in our minds from a very early age, from someone else’s ideas, or from an experience (negative or positive) of our own or of other’s.  If what we believe does not serve us NOW, or does not feel authentic (the truth) to who we are NOW, it’s time to plant something new – adopt a new belief system.  Let’s ask ourselves where what we believe came from?  Does it feel truthful or do we believe it just because our parents, teachers preachers, friends, told us it was so?  The computer was designed from the mind – therefore, just like a computer, we can delete a program and install new software (belief) that is more compatible.  It’s not a difficult process, but one that needs to be logged into every day.  It’s not a difficult process, but it is one that is loving, self-supporting, welcomed, rewarding and most of all – life changing!  What about you?  Are you wiling to change YOUR life?